Friday, December 20, 2013

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Bill Markword
Bill Markword served in the Navy at Tan My, South Vietnam in POL Division.  The division called themselves the POL Goon Squad, between November 1967 thru November of 1968.  
Tan My was situated about 20 - 25 miles North East of Hue City on the Perfume River and on the coast of the South China Sea.  
It was the only fuel farm in Northern I Corps from Danang to the DMZ, which was around 75 miles or so from Tan My.   
We shuttled various fuels to Hue by Mike 8 boats to Hue Ramp which was then transferred to trucks and taken to Phu Bai.  
Later on, the Seabees built a pipeline to Hue.

Bill would like very much to connect with anyone he served with during his time in Vietnam.  You can contact Bill at

Bill Marward at Tan My (1967 - '68)
Bill Markword at Tan My (1967 - '68)
Bill Markword at Tan My (1967 - '68)

Bill Markword far left to right, Division Petty Officer Stoner, Vic Stratinger, George Siebert. and Rick. Tan My (1967 - '68)

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