Friday, December 20, 2013

Agent Orange-Vietnam Vets-Peripheral Neuropathy

Vietnam Veteran, Denny Magnusen at VA LaJolla with no help for 3 hours

This lens is in ANGRY PROTEST in defense of these soldiers, forgotten, ignored and ultimately abused by the Veteran's Affairs system.

To victims of Agent Orange and Peripheral Neuropathy There ARE things I can share with Vietnam Vets here, that I will add to as I can. There are tests that WILL VALIDATE YOUR PAIN, NUMBNESS, ELECTRICAL SHOCKS...

If you are testing mild to moderate for long nerve fiber neuropathy you might just have small nerve fiber neuropathy, which does not show up on tests done for long nerve. Small nerve fiber neuropathy is more painful, so if you were told you have nothing, or something mild to moderate? Or they are telling you that you're nuts or faking it? You are probably feeling major frustrated, so the good news? Ya ain't crazy!

INSIST they give you a 'small nerve fiber biopsy'!!!

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Kenneth Burtch said...

I have been diagnosed with PN by the VA in Ann Arbor. I had AO sprayed on me twice while in II Corps Kontum Province 1967. I have had nothing but a wonderful experience with the VA in Saginaw (Where I go most of the time)Michigan, Ann Arbor and Detroit. They all get an A+ from me. Rev. Kenneth B. Burtch Jr. 2/8th 4th Infantry Division.

Anonymous said...

i fought the va for fifteen years on this they finally diagnosed me with pn and sent me too a hearing with a judge from washington her desision was she knew that i had the shakes for forty years but it was my resposibility of proof come to find out that the had destroyed my records from 1970- 1985 cant fight city hall