Friday, May 24, 2013


Vietnam Veterans of America Agent Orange/Dioxin Committee is asking the children of Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange; adult children (we recommend you register your children also) who are ill and/or have birth defects, learning disabilities and/or mental health issues; to register with Birth Defect Research for Children, Inc. National Birth Defect Registry.
Participation in the registry includes:
  • The questionnaire will ask about you (the child) or your disabilities; health and family history of both parents; exposures during pregnancy and occupational exposures.
  • A special section will ask about the veteran’s service in Vietnam. This section was designed in collaboration with the New Jersey State Agent Orange Commission.
  • Collected data will be used for a study of the pattern of birth defects and disabilities that have been most frequently reported in the children of Vietnam veterans.
  • All data are confidential. Your permission would be requested before any researcher would get in touch with you.
For more information contact Betty Mekdeci, 407-895-0802 or send email to


corinne said...

im definatly doing it for me and my daughter!!!!

Anonymous said...

did survey now what do i need to do

Jessica Brown said...

Probably wait about 20 years for them to respond with a denial.

Anonymous said...

We actually got an answer and approval our son is now 100% disabled through the VA and it took less than 18 months so don't give up Jessica and it doesn't take that long make sure you have all of your paperwork together that's what we did and got the approval. Jackie

Unknown said...

My father was in Vietnam during Agent Orange. I have been diagnosed with depression/anxiety issues. Should I fill this out and if so why?

Ernest Levesque said...

I am retired and was in Vietnam from '68-69 in an area sprayed with Agent Orange quite a bit. My ams and hand have been getting bumpy and blisters have developed. Some healand then reoccur. Checking the Agent Orange list and pictures related to a medical condition related to Porphyria cutanea tarda caused by Agent Orange.