Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Physicians Resource for Children of Veterans exposed to Agent Orange

Vietnam veterans have been reporting that their children have been born with birth defects and other health problems for decades. This cry for help has fallen on deaf ears for many years.

We have created this one page document to help educate our doctors about the generational effects of Agent Orange on the Children of Vietnam veterans.

The children of veterans exposed to Agent Orange continue to go without adequate medical intervention, without the support and services they so desperately need!
We hope that this informational document that we created for the children of Vietnam veterans will help aid in getting adequate medical intervention.
Please print and take to your physicians. 


Unknown said...

dioxin is a scourge with cintinous implications

Anonymous said...

I wish there was a database of doctors that were familiar with treating children of AO Vets. I have a very severe case of a rare auto-immune disease and it often feels like nobody knows enough to help me.

Anonymous said...

Is it red..I have that.I'm a child if Vietnam vet that served 2 terms..if so email me at achteejay@yahoo.com I also have compartment syndrome in my legs

Anonymous said...

If a Doctor is good at his specialty he or she should be able to make you better to a degree where you are comfortable. The rest is up to you to learn as much about all this as you can. We did try to get Doctors interested in helping the Vets and their children on Long Island in 1979 and early 1980's. We were blessed to have some great Doctors who did their best. Locate the best in their area of specialty. Then educate them about Agent Orange.