Monday, September 10, 2012

#OPINION by #SharonPerry - #Veterans #Healthcare: Innovative Management of #Psychiatric Comorbidities and Chronic #Pain

I admit I planned on just copying a couple of paragraphs from this article and re-posting.  This is usually the way we have shared information in the past.  Maybe it's time for a change.

I've been thinking about Agent Orange Legacy a lot.  Recently, I shared an image on FaceBook.  Maybe it was a sign?  All I knew was that it struck a chord with me at the time.

I don't know if what we are doing - isn't getting us nowhere.  I did wonder, where are we going?  As I sit here today reading this article I had to stop myself from just copying and pasting.

Why you ask?  Because the article really didn't make any sense.

After reading the article I found that I really liked the title.  The problem was what I really wanted to know wasn't anywhere to be found in the body of the article.  If I'm going to share the article then it ought to at least make sense or be worthwhile.

So I have to ask what are the innovative programs these mental health experts described at this session?  I don't know but I know I'm interested.  I learned a few facts, that treating the whole person is important, patients should get opiates from only one source and the patient becomes the expert about their own pain.

I just don't think that any of this qualifies as innovative but then again I am not a mental health expert either. Since I can't share the information that we need the most I will share my thoughts instead.

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