Saturday, September 22, 2012

#Opinion by #SharonPerry: #Lawmakers, IG question #overhaul of #non-VAcare

It seems lately I often get lost in my thoughts.  Mostly, these thoughts are about how best to provide information to our readers.  In the past, I usually did this by sharing articles which were written by others or originated from some other news source.  Each day I set out to repeat these steps.

Less than two (2) weeks ago I decided to share my opinion about a certain article.  I liked the title of the article but had to wonder aloud what happened to the content. Once again I find myself wondering the same thing about this article.
The title is of interest and a subject that both myself and our readers are concerned about.  As the widow of a Vietnam veteran who depended on the VA for his medical care I am all too familiar with the non-VA care or fee-basis program.

As we all know the veterans and their families often times wait a long time for appointments.  Sometimes non-VA care is approved and sometimes when there is an emergency we have to seek non-VA care.

My experience with fee-basis for emergency non-VA care has been less than favorable.  More often than not they would not pay for these services.

I mention this because the article claims that costs have spiraled in recent years.  I have to wonder to myself how this is possible when I take into consideration how many times they turned us down.

Other widows and wives have also reported this same experience. 

It took us nearly a year to get non-VA care approved when two (2) VA specialists gave my husband contradicting diagnoses. 
As I read on I try to understand what the VA actually did to overhaul the non-VA care program.  I know I read the names of two (2) pilot programs but no description is provided.

I learned that Congress questions whether or not the VA can manage the new initiatives effectively.  I have to wonder this also since they couldn't manage the existing program.   

I suppose, and it's a stretch, that standardizing business practices is the overhaul Congress ordered.  It will have to do for now since little light is shed on these pilot programs.

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