Monday, September 10, 2012

#OPINION by #SharonPerry, Founder - Example of Private #Healthcare #Insurance gone wrong: Retiring #Veteran Disqualified

A retiring veteran, Vietnam era veteran in pretty good health, was unable to enroll in a health care plan offered by Priority Health.  Their policy has a clause that does not allow him to be a subscriber if he is eligible for or enrolled in any federal, state, county, or local governmental or quasi-governmental health coverage, other than medical assistance under title XIX of the Social Security Act;”.

As a veteran he is entitled to VA Health benefits.  As a result, Priority Health will not allow him to purchase their health care plan.  If a veteran is willing and able to purchase his or her own health care why should they be disqualified because they also are eligible for or are enrolled in the VA Healthcare system?  This is an example of health insurance gone awry but also it's an example of how the federal government has once again failed their veterans.

This veteran or any other veteran should have the choice to both take advantage of the VA benefits they are entitled but also to purchase and pay for private health insurance.  Congress should be taking a closer look at preventing private health insurance companies/firms/conglomerates from being able to disqualify a veteran solely based upon their eligibility or enrollment with the VA healthcare system. 

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