Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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Announcing Vietnam Veterans Websites!!!

VA Approves 212 Ship Incidents for Presumptive Exposure
To Agent Orange Conditions Affecting Vietnam Veterans
The Processing Procedures used by CDR Thomas D. Hamrick, USN Retired, former XO USS Ingersoll (DD 652), to gain a VA Certification establishing Ingersoll as the “First Ship” Approved for Presumption of Exposure to Agent Orange on July 31, 2007, included the entire crew aboard in October 1965.   Continued use of these Processing Procedures by the VA, led to an announcement on February 12, 2012 by the VA of the Approval of 212 Ship/Unit Incidents for Presumption of Exposure to Agent Orange.
An estimated 60-80,000 Vietnam Veterans may be involved in the 212 “Brown Water” Ship & Units Incidents.  As with Ingersoll Veterans, most are not aware of their eligibility for VA Combat Disabilities from VA Approved Agent Orange Conditions.  It is extremely important to notify these Vietnam Veterans, of their eligibility and provide assistance in filing VA Claims for Disability Compensation.
Agent Orange Relief, Inc. (AOR) was established as an IRS 501 (c) (3) Public Non-Profit to conduct advertising programs and create/maintain a website to Assist Vietnam Veterans in Finding Their Ship.  

Two websites have been launched, with:
1.     AgentOrangeEffectRelief.Com as the Vietnam Veterans self-support website for contacting shipmates for notification of the VA of Approved Agent Orange Ships.  No Log in

2.     VietnamVetsAOShips.Com will provide verification of ship assignments, assist in filing VA Disability Claims, provide organization records, treatment, and potential relief from some of the debilitating Agent Orange Conditions.   Log in code:  #212VAAOShips

As Seniors, Vietnam Veterans, as a group, must rely on proven treatments for their disabilities.  AOR has established an AOR Health Center in San Diego and is using a Triple Healing Pack Protocol of weekly Acupuncture and Deep Therapy Massage, plus daily Low Level Lasers treatments to provide tomorrow’s health treatment today.  A 60 day Laser Study is planned for 100 Vietnam Veterans, using 5 lasers that have been approved by the FDA.
Based upon responses from Ingersoll Veterans, 24,000 of the estimated 80,000 Vietnam Veterans will be military retirees and 12,000 will be currently covered by the VA.  This leaves an estimated 44,000 Vietnam Veterans, for which, neither the Navy or VA maintains current addresses on.
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