Monday, July 2, 2012

Veterans Benefits: Fight on the home front

Generally, it takes 125 days for a veteran to get his or her disability rating. But as the government experiences a “huge backlog” of processing claims, many veterans wait much longer, said Loni White, director of communications for USA Cares, a Kentucky-based veteran assistance organization.

Some of them are two years or more waiting for their disability claim,” she said.

Waiting for benefits can be devastating to families who depend on them. It leaves some families in financial limbo – for example, they cannot get a home loan or other services without that income estimate. As a result, several military families’ lives are on hold, veterans say. 

Veterans often return home to find their former jobs gone. Some companies – and even the government – promise that employers are hiring veterans, “but when their boots hit the dirt floor, it’s not really happening,” Hightower said.

A lot of companies aren’t looking to. I’m not saying people don’t want to, they can’t.

And now, the Army is starting to downsize and will not allow some people to re-enlist, Hightower said.
“They’re having to transition from the military into what?” he said.

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