Saturday, October 22, 2011

VAMC - Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System: Huge VA project to boost med school mission

The project is also part of a broader shift by the VA and health care in general toward more outpatient services, concentrating the most advanced tertiary care services at flagship facilities, such as the Palo Alto site, Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System, .
VAPAHCS, in addition to revamping and expanding its outpatient facilities outside the Palo Alto campus, is taking steps to ensure that its main campus continues to offer the latest treatment modalities and meet new and pressing needs, such as those of the increasing numbers of veterans who have suffered multiple injuries, including traumatic brain injury. As part of that process, VAPAHCS is enhancing its 50-year affiliation with the School of Medicine, adding space for the education of Stanford doctors who treat veterans and the research by Stanford faculty on injuries and illness that affect veterans and others.
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Keffer said...

I have been going to The Veterans Hospital in Palo Alto since my discharge in February 1969. I can honestly say they have been good to me. They have done numerous things since 1969, including back surgery, deviated Septum, Sleep Apnea, Prostate Surgery, artificial spinster, numerous visits with pulmonary embolism, vehicle accident, PTSD, Dental, Eyes, and hearing aids. I also had laser treatment for glaucoma. I am happy to say The Palo Alto Health Care System is AWESOME. I have never experienced a wait time that is too long depending on what is needed.

I think, in my opinion, they have diagnosed me correct, they have handled my health care to my satisfaction, they have the best doctors around. Most are from Stanford. I said to many, that if the government health care system is like The Palo Alto Health Care System, I am all for it. To my dissatisfaction, Obama Care is far from it. I would be scared to death to have to take the OBAMA CARE PROGRAM... I love The Palo Alto Health Care System....