Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Veterans Health Care - Nellis Air Force Base Hospital: Nellis hospital pushes safety in wake of errors

A recent series of surgery miscues, including the death of a patient after a gall bladder procedure, at Mike O'Callaghan Federal Hospital prompted a stand-down safety day this week at the Nellis Air Force Base hospital.

"There's something going on at Nellis that is causing these type of events to occur," Hafter said Thursday.

"This is far above the national average for what's acceptable at a VA hospital. It is yet another example of inadequate care that residents of our community are being exposed to."

■ A wrong site blocked by an anesthesiologist in April.

■ An incision made on the wrong side of a bone in June that hospital officials said was corrected during surgery.

■ A lacerated vein during a June 19 procedure in which the patient died.

■ Two incidents of wrong sites marked but caught before surgeries in August.

■ A hearing device that was implanted this month in the ear a patient had requested but not the ear that a doctor had recommended.

Bright said with the new VA medical center expected to open next year in North Las Vegas, he is preparing for routine safety stand-downs, starting with weekly or monthly sessions with the new staff, to prevent wrong-site incidents.

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