Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Legislation 2011 - Camp Lejeune: Time to speak up for veterans, active military

Attention military personnel, active, retired, Reserve and Guard. Congress is in session, and we are on the chopping block.
On June 7, the Senate Veterans Services Committee voted to transfer Defense Department support funds for military and commissaries to the Veterans Affairs Department, where they would be used for the medical care and consequences of cancer victims among some 600,000 U.S. Marine Corps personnel and their families at Camp Lejeune, N.C. The water supply on base was contaminated from 1957 to 1988, attributed to "lax oversight."

However, this misguided approach will probably shut down military commissaries and exchanges; this action punishes military personnel worldwide, most especially young families, by about $3,500 a year.

All military personnel, including combat forces, reserves, retired will be affected in this coming budget. Not just equipment, but our pay, health care, retirement systems, manpower, will bear the brunt in the oncoming budget.

Please send me messages to our Congressional delegation. Contact the Retired Enlisted Association at www.capwiz.com/trea/issues/bills and/or the Military Officers Association at www.moaa.com.

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