Friday, September 9, 2011

Veterans Claims: WWII Veteran Wins 30-Year Battle

Shots rang out in Italy ...

Before Pfc. Louis Alfieri knew what hit him, he was struck by two bullets.

“I’ve had so many surgeries on my stomach that it looks like a roadmap,”

Then the unthinkable happened: the VA did a massive review of Unemployability cases in 1981 and decreased Alfieri’s service connection rating to 60%! He appealed the reduction but the appeal was denied.

For the next 30 years, Alfieri fought the VA’s decision. Then he met VFW Appeals Consultant George Sheets.

And that proved to be true. Sheets fought tooth-and-nail until Alfieri’s Unemployability rating was reinstated. The VA determined that the original reduction was erroneous.

I just wish I could celebrate this victory with my wife, but she died 17 years ago.
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