Friday, September 9, 2011

Agent Orange Korea: Vets Helping Vets,, David Apperson

Image compliments of Rich Preston, Vietnam vet exposed to AO

If you are a Veteran or family member to a Veteran and

you have a story you would like to share with the

Korean people in regard to you suffering from exposure

to Agent Orange or other herbicides while you were

stationed in Korea please contact :

South Korean Agent Orange Media Contact

Seung Gwan Lee, Washington Correspondent

Yonhap News Agency (Similar to the Associated Press and

Reuters News Service)

914 National Press Building

529 14th St NW

Washington DC 20045

Office: 202.783.5539

Cell #: 571.528.0555

If you would like to talk with someone before hand

contact David Apperson, Vets Helping Vets at

817.937.5366 or contact the leadership of th e"Korean

War Project"

Thank you very kindly, ... David

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