Tuesday, July 19, 2011

VAMC Pharmacy Mail Program: Many veterans use pharmacy mail program

My husband received his meds via the mail. A pharmacy mail program is great if the meds, esp. narcotics, get to the veteran on time. When they are late, for what ever reason, it becomes a crisis. The last thing a veteran, suffering from chronic and severe PTSD, Hep C, and a long list of AO related illnesses, needs or their family is a crisis.

The only option available to the veteran who does not receive their meds is to contact the local VA clinic. Many times we would have to drive more than an hour to pick up a temporary prescription.

Don't bother driving to the VAMC in your state because we did. After driving for over 2 hours we were told, to our surprise, we could not pick up the prescription. This was an ongoing issue for my husband even though the VA started using Fedex. The medication still did not arrive on time.

Sharon L. Perry, Founder of AO Legacy, and widow of a Vietnam veteran.

The Department of Veterans Affairs Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy mails prescription medications and supplies to veteran patients.

The goal is delivery of medications or supplies to the patient within 10 days of request. VA typically gets the prescriptions delivered in less than five days.

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