Tuesday, July 19, 2011

JARDINE: Modesto area Vietnam vets band together to write book

In fact, some local Vietnam vets are doing just that. When I mentioned our project to Modesto Vet Center Director Steve Lawson, he told me several vets a few months ago began collaborating on a book. Each is writing a chapter or two detailing his experiences and feelings.

They've produced a rough draft of eight chapters so far, with hopes of publishing it within the next year. Their stories all are compelling. Some are entertaining, and all of the contributors bare their emotions and souls.

They meet weekly at a restaurant in Riverbank to compare notes and give progress reports, each wearing a cap or shirt proudly telling the world they are, indeed, Vietnam veterans. Most of the men in the group are contributing to the book. Most have endured major health complications from Agent Orange exposure and struggled with Veterans Affairs to get their ailments recognized and covered.

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