Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wounded by the North Vietnamese, Killed by Monsanto

Wounded by the North Vietnamese, Killed by Monsanto

Agent Orange, Vietnam, and the Struggle No American Should Ever Know. Semper fi Edward Evans...
Marines like Edward Evans were sometimes frequently exposed to the deadly chemical Agent Orange in the Vietnam War, but the government and the deadly chemical's manufacturer Monsanto have fought tooth and nail to avoid responsibility or accountability.

Even when the occasional politician tries to help veterans, others throw roadblocks in the way; blocking funding and support.

While there have been breakthroughs in this fight for transparency and simple honesty regarding Agent Orange, the particular condition that Ed suffered from turned out to be one of the most challenging obstacles for Sheree.

She had to show that his exposure to Agent Orange caused the development of brain cancer.

The Veterans Administration had consistently maintained that brain cancer is not on their list of Agent Orange-related disabilities, and, as a result, that there is no medical link for the development of this specific cancer to Agent Orange Exposure.

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