Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We do not have to suffer in silence by Sharon L. Perry

Today I had hoped to have an abundance of news to post about agent orange and it's effects on Vietnam veterans and their families. Unfortunately, today there is very little news about our struggles. It seems another day has slipped through our fingers.

What I find instead, today, is one story after another about Monsanto and it's most important product : Roundup Ready GM Seeds. I think it is important to post these stories because Monsanto continues to create harmful products that poison the world. They have infiltrated many high level positions within our government unbeknownst to most Americans. Most of the readers of this blog know why I post about Monsanto but for those of you who do not; Monsanto was the largest producer of agent orange. [Monsanto wasn't the only one just the largest producer.]

I am writing this so that you know I am doing my best to bring you the news about agent orange and it's effects on our families. Also I want to let you know that you can do something about it too. You can contact your local paper. See if they will write about your plight, your veteran's plight and how agent orange has affected you and your family.

We do not have to suffer in silence.

If your paper won't write a story then write the editor. If you do write the editor or start a blog - let me know. Send me a link. My email address is aolegacy@gmail.com. I will post it here, on our facebook page, or any one of our other facebook pages.

We need to let America know the families of Vietnam veterans are on the brink struggling with death, dying, illness, financial hardship and in many cases financial ruin. I know, I have been through it myself. After my husband's death, I lost everything we had worked for our entire adult lives.

My children and grandchildren have been effected, in my opinion, by agent orange. Once my oldest daughter started having health problems, again, after having suffered most of her childhood, I started out to find help. What I found was that little had changed in over 15 years.

The search to help my daughter is how Agent Orange Legacy was founded.

Since 2007, I have met many adult children of Vietnam veterans who are suffering. No two stories are alike but there is a theme which runs through all of them. That theme is what links us together forever; the devastation that agent orange and the Vietnam war has caused has deeply wounded our families and violated our homes.

I hear it over and over again but the rest of America is kept in the dark.

It's true some journalists have done an amazing job of covering the issue of agent orange and it's effects on the Vietnamese and our veterans and their families. The recent article written by Connie Scultz in the Plain Dealer is one example. The series the Chicago Tribune published last year, another good example. As much as I appreciate their hard work it's not enough.

So please contact your local paper. Talk to them about doing a story about your family and how agent orange has affected your lives. If they aren't interested write the editor or start your own blog. It's easy. When you do please send me a link - aolegacy@gmail.com

To get help recording your story join our support community. Once you do join be sure to contact Dana Hopkins. Just message Dana on the site. Dana will work with you to write your story.

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reddiva dana said...

'm Dana & yes, indeed, please contact me. You deserve to be heard & we all NEED to tell our stories.
Interviewing & writing is what I can bring to the table. I wish I could bring more. You don't have to worry that you don't know where to start, haven't got time, it's too painful or think you can't write. I'll make it as easy for you as I can. I will respect your pain. I will check with you on the finished story to make sure I am conveying your voice as you want. Do it for yourself, your loved one & all the children & grandchildren of vets still to be recognized. Help me do this for Greg, my late husband. I want to make him proud. all love Dana