Tuesday, February 15, 2011

EPA's Superfund Website Can Save Veternan's Lives

EPA's Superfund Website Can Save Veternan's Lives

No one in their right mind would voluntarily live and work on a Superfund site. Veterans are not provided the choice of military assignments.

Veterans of military installations currently on the National Priority List (EPA Superfund) need to know the contaminants of concern (COC) found on these sites and the health effects of exposure to receive proper medical treatment.

COC’s are the chemical substances that the EPA has determined pose an unacceptable risk to human health or the environment. These are the substances that are addressed by cleanup actions at the site.

Exposure to COC’s can cause serious medical conditions, including cancer and death. Veterans with who were stationed on an EPA Superfund installation need to share this information with their medical care provider. This is not about collecting VA disability compensation, but about helping veterans “connect the dots of serious illness” to military service and giving information to their health care providers that could save their lives.

DOD has spent and continues to spend millions in the remediation of military installations on the Superfund list.
Nothing has been spent on health care screening and monitoring of veterans by either DOD or the VA.
Many veterans learn for the first time of their exposure to a COC after diagnosis with cancer. Too often the diagnosis is late and the cancer now in stage 4 is a death sentence.

EPA’s Superfund List of Military Installations - Listed on this blog & follow the link to the article for this list.

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