Friday, February 25, 2011

CANADA: Premier accuses Tories of hiding Agent Orange use

Premier accuses Tories of hiding Agent Orange use

“We are going to make efforts to ensure we uncover what happened during those years of Conservative government, when there was the use of this harmful chemical,” McGuinty said.
“This is a shameful commentary of the government’s handling of the situation,” she added. “They are the ones that said, ‘We are going to dig into this, that we will be transparent and provide all information that we have.’”

Until now, most Ontarians had no idea these same cancer-causing chemicals were being used in a big way much closer to home.

The Star so far has received hundreds of emails and calls from former balloon men and other forestry workers who participated in the aerial spraying program.

Many wonder if their exposure to the chemicals has contributed to their health problems, such as low-sperm count, various cancers and curious skin conditions.

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