Monday, January 31, 2011

Jet fuel causes bladder cancer

I am a member of a group on Yahoo; AO Awareness and Info. This is a great group for any veteran or family member to join. Today I received an email, as I usually do, from this group. One of the topics for the week was: A Story of Never Give Up. Curious, I checked it out. Here is the contents of this post. I hope many you find it helpful.

I have not talked to you in over a year, but I want everyone to know that my mother has finally been approved for DIC. My dad died of urinary bladder cancer caused by jet fuel and agent orange, which is not on the presumptive list.

We were continually denied and then I found a wonderful lawyer named Jill Mitchell who does nothing but veterans cases. She found an oncologist that checked my dad’s files.
The oncologist says that jet fuel causes bladder cancer.
Dad was a navigator and was stationed at Phu Cat in Vietnam . Her website is

After 4 years my mother is finally getting what she deserves from the VA.
One thing we found out was that if the spouse has turned 75, they send the case to Washington D.C. where a judge decides the case, quickly.
Please let everyone know so that they too may get the help they need.

God Bless the veterans


Anonymous said... this is the one cause of Bladder Cancer? The Jet Fuel? but I cant imagine how it may cause..

by the way..what is agent orange?

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Anonymous said...

yes, Jet fuel was mixed 50/50 so that it would adhere to the folliage. The key componate in Jet Fuel is Benzene at know carcinogen related to kidney, liver, stomach,esophogeal cancers.