Friday, July 25, 2014

Agent Orange Day 10 August 2014

DAY – Aspiring theatre professionals come meet actor Kate Mulvaney & be inspired by her story. Kate will be delivering x3 45minute acting workshops. Limited sessions. Bookings essential
9am, 10am & 11am – At the StirrUP Gallery
NIGHT – Live music, poetry & comedy to raise awareness about the effects of Agent Orange & it’s link to Monsanto
From 6pm – At Hut 9 – Food & Drink
Agent Orange is a chemical the U.S military used during the Vietnam War to deny the Vietnamese and Viet Cong food and cover by spraying the herbicide on vegetation across huge areas of the country. This had horrific health effects on Vietnamese people and on Australian veterans and their families. Agent Orange remains in the soil and water and damages the genetic make up that replicates for generations. A hundred years from now children will be born with horrific birth defects because a villager drinks contaminated water today.
This event ties in to International Agent Orange Day

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