Saturday, May 17, 2014

VA NEWS>>>Statement by VA Secretary Shinseki on Allegations, Hospital delays are killing America's war veterans, Hagel: VA backlog, ‘we missed it’, Fixing the VA, Shinseki to testify

Statement by VA Secretary Shinseki on Allegations Regarding the Phoenix VA Health Care System

“We take these allegations very seriously. Based on the request of the independent VA Office of Inspector General, in view of the gravity of the allegations and in the interest of the Inspector General’s ability to conduct a thorough and timely review of the Phoenix VA Health Care System (PVAHCS), I have directed that PVAHCS Director Sharon Helman, PVAHCS Associate Director Lance Robinson, and a third PVAHCS employee be placed on administrative leave until further notice. 

Hospital delays are killing America's war veterans

The VA has confirmed six deaths at Dorn tied to delays. But sources close to the investigation say the number of veterans dead or dying of cancer because they had to wait too long for diagnosis or treatment at this facility could be more than 20. "It's very sad, because people died," said Dr. Stephen Lloyd, a private physician specializing in colonoscopies in Columbia.

Hagel: VA backlog, ‘we missed it’

“I don’t think it just started with General Shinseki’s term at the VA, this is something that should have been looked at years and years ago, so yes, we missed it,” Hagel said on ABC “This Week.”  Shinseki will testify next Thursday before the Senate Committee on Veteran’s Affairs.

Over the past several weeks, disturbing revelations about mismanagement and potential malfeasance at the VA medical center in Phoenix — where 40 veterans reportedly died due to delayed care — have raised serious questions about the department’s culture. Similar allegations have now arisen in Fort Collins, Colo., andSan Antonio, Texas, where it’s reported that VA officials falsified records to obscure the truth about how long patients were waiting for care — once again, to the severe detriment of veterans and their families. Veterans across the country are dying in VA hospitals, far from combat, while waiting on falsified waiting lists — a national scandal.

The Senate Veterans Affairs Committee scheduled the hearing for next Thursday, announcing the move shortly after the House Veterans Affairs Committee agreed unanimously Thursday to subpoena top VA officials for documents related to the growing controversy.

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