Friday, March 14, 2014

Vietnam Veterans Group Hosts Meeting in Northville on Lasting Effects of Agent Orange

Dioxins can be carried in the DNA of the affected person for up to seven generations, the group says, citing National Academy of Sciences and Veterans Administration studies that link Agent Orange to 12 diseases, 38 cancers and 20 birth defects.

Speakers at the town hall meeting will include 11th District Congressman Kerry Bentivolio (R-Milford); Michigan state Sen. Patrick Colbeck (R-Canton); Edwin A. Martini, author of “Agent Orange, History, Science and the Politics of Uncertainty (Culture, Politics and the Cold War)”; George Claxton, past chair emeritus of the Vietnam Veterans of America; Army Capt. (Ret.) Sandie Wilson, who spent her entire tour of duty in Vietnam as a nurse; Lt. Col Jim Dempsey; and Korean War veteran Steve House.

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