Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Vietnam Veteran Dusty Earl Trimmer's Passion Shines Through in Newly Released Book About War's Lasting Effects

"Condemned Property?" provides a stark portrait of day and night combat and its lingering effects on veterans, including the author. For instance, Trimmer changed jobs almost two dozen times because he couldn't find or keep a job with an employer willing to risk employing a "crazy" Vietnam veteran and he nearly killed himself in high-speed car accidents more than once. Many of his fellow survivors came back unable to work, becoming homeless and unable to care for themselves. From descriptions of combat maneuvers to accounts of everyday nuisances - such as bathing in Agent Orange run-off - and then the unforgettable hostile welcome home many Vietnam veterans had once they came home, Trimmer brings the war to life in vivid detail, as only someone who served there can do.

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