Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Vietnam Veterans Still Looking for Answers on Agent Orange

"Often, veterans won’t come [to these meetings] for themselves, but for their kids and grandkids"” said Mokie Porter, director of communications and marketing for the Vietnam Veterans of America.

In the past four years, Porter has traveled the country convening more than 50 meetings of veterans to talk about compensation for Agent Orange exposure, but this was only the first one in North Carolina. She said there’s still a lot of education to do for veterans about the possibility their children have also been affected.

Porter said legislation introduced last fall in Congress would fund research into "legacy problems" for those exposed to Agent Orange, pay for services to defendants and provide for outreach. But with only two co-sponsors, the bill has an uphill climb to get passed. She is hoping to build support for the bill through the town-hall meetings.

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