Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Valley veteran believes he is a casualty of efforts to end a backlog of cases in the VA system

Chambers tells us at a hearing the VA determined he does not have a service connected disability, but had excessive cerebral spinal fluid on the brain, so he now owes the military thousands of dollars for treatment he received and what the VA calls fraud. But the paper work for the denial shows Chambers was in the military September 1, 1959 and left the military July 6, 19-62. Yet his birth certificate shows he was born on July 1, 1948 so he would have been serving in Vietnam at the ages of 11 through 14.  Chambers believes this was done on purpose, that somebody's file was put in with his, so the dates of service predate America's use of Agent Orange in Vietnam.

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rainlady02 said...

When my husband applied for care under a presumptive AO diagnosis it took 2 years to get a rater that knew how to read a DD214. He was twice denied for failure to prove he was ever in Vietnam. He did back to backs 1969 and 1970 2 bronze stars and of course the Vietnam service medal yet the rater could not decipher that.