Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ft. McClellan declared hazardous site

Fort McClellan Health Registry Act Bill # 411 

Congress resurrected H.R. 2052, the Fort McClellan Health Registry Act in 2011. It called for the secretary of Veteran Affairs to create and maintain records of Fort McClellan veterans and provide them with support in the form of updates, medical care and applicable service connected disability status. It has been carried forward to the 113th Congress, our present 2013-2014 session, as H.R.411. In all probability, it will be carried forward under a new number again unless a lot of calls, letters and emails are sent to Washington.

If you are a McClellan veteran, you might want to catch up on what is going and not going on in the political and legal world regarding the progress of the fight for benefits for you and others who were there. The Internet is staying up to date and you might want to take a look at these sites:

After you have the facts, be sure to contact your congressmen to let them know you are not happy with the present failure to process claims resulting from chemical exposure while on duty at McClellan.

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