Thursday, December 5, 2013

Vietnam veteran in Maple Glen receives ‘long-overdue' hero's welcome

Ed’s war-related injuries didn’t end with the shrapnel he took, however. When he returned home, and as time wore on, new, unexpected ailments arose. These ailments were related to exposure to Agent Orange, an herbicide sprayed throughout South Vietnam for the purpose of reducing plant-life in jungles and depriving the opposition of food and cover.

Exposure to Agent Orange led to a “Parkinson’s-type disease” for Ed, explained his daughter, Staci. He now requires "24-hour attention"” she continued, and must spend his days confined to a wheelchair. His speech also is impaired.

"To this day"” Murt, a veteran himself, said, "we still make our Vietnam veterans who have been exposed to Agent Orange grovel and beg for their health care ... So we’re going to continue to fight that battle on their behalf"”

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