Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vietnam Veterans of America: Agent Orange/Dioxin and Other Toxic Exposures Committee & Faces of Agent Orange

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Amy King-Applewhite Roland Mayhew
Sheila Clement James May
Robert Cummings Linda May
Arthur Dekoff Betty Mekdeci
Mike Demske John Miner
Zack Earp The Morrises
Msgt LeRoy Foster Sharon Perry
Dan Griffin The Petroskys
Mark David Finley The Snyders
The Hansens Dayna Dupuis Theriot
The Holybees Tommy Thornton
Joe Ingino Dennis Whalen
Gary Jones Jim Whitworth
Maynard Kaderlik Sherri Wise
Sharity Keith-Reichard The Worthingtons

Birth Defects Position Paper 1/14/2010

We now know that when we send service members in harm's way, battlefields toxins also place the future offspinrg of those service member's in harm's way.

Children are our future. We have all heard that common saying. What is the future of the children of Vietnam veterans and other veterans with toxic, service-related exposures? There is a growing realization that both maternal and paternal toxic exposures play a role in the birth defects of the children and future generations of the exposed individuals. Research in the field of epigenetics also points toward toxic exposures turning on or off genes that, when passed on to the child, could lead to the onset of diseases later in life.

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