Tuesday, October 8, 2013

VA Furloughs 9,000 Staff, Regional Offices Close

The VA furloughs that began Tuesday morning include 7,000 employees of the Veterans Benefits Administration and 2,754 with the VA’s Office of Information Technology, VA spokeswoman Victoria Dillon said.

In a statement on Monday announcing the furloughs, the VA underscored that the actions, including ending overtime for claims processors, is reversing its successes in bringing down the disability claims backlog.

"Overtime that has helped VA significantly reduce the disability claims backlog by more than 190,000 claims over the last six months"” the statement read. "Clear progress for veterans and their families is at risk without immediate action by Congress to make fiscal year 2014 funding available by passing a clean continuing resolution to reopen the government"”

Continue Learning:  http://www.military.com/daily-news/2013/10/08/va-furloughs-nearly-10k-regional-offices-close.html

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