Thursday, October 24, 2013

AGENT ORANGE ZONE: Orange Crush - Part 7

Part VII of our veterans’ exposure to herbicides during the Vietnam War
But again, there was more information available that was never presented. 

The Institute of Medicine in the weeks before the CDC released its results of blood tests wrote a stinging rebuke of the CDC's tests methods. It said that none of the CDC's conclusions was supported by scientific data. 

The CDC refused to turn this report over to the White House.  

 "Either it was a politically rigged operation or it was a monumentally bungled operation," said Rep. Ted Weiss (D-NY), chairman of the Government Operations Human Resources and Intergovernmental Relations Subcommittee.  

 Other information began turning up that there were concerted efforts by various agencies of the government to conceal records and information about the effects of Agent Orange.


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