Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ashland Vietnam vet gets place of honor


Danny Bocook, who came home from Vietnam in 1971 and worked as a welder, laborer, millwright and truck driver before being forced to retire due to his health, said it was good to see such a large number of people turn out in support of veterans such as himself.

“It’s a lot more support than what we got when we got home,” he said.

Bocook said his issues from Agent Orange began in the early 2000s as severe, unexplained pain in his feet and legs. He said the Veterans Administration had determined his problems were “330 percent service-connected.”

Despite the pain his service has caused him, Bocook said he harbored no bitterness and was extremely proud to have done his patriotic duty. He said he was one of nine bothers and all of them served in the U.S. Navy. 


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