Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Quilt of Tears project

The initial Quilt Of Tears project was started by Jennie LeFevre, who was one of the original Agent Orange Widows that helped fight the battle pertaining to Agent Orange and the effects on Vietnam Veterans like her husband, Gerald who died at the age of 56 in December of 1989.

Jennie dedicated her life to helping Veterans like her husband and was often asked at what point she would stop her work. Her reply was always the same, “When am I going to stop? Never!! I’ll never quit. No never… as long as I can help people heal.”

She didn't quit her work with the Veterans, families and the Quilts until just four short weeks before her death Sept. 8, 2004. Even at that point she wasn't quitting because she wanted the project to go on, she knew Agent Orange had devastated too many lives and more was to be done.

The Quilts draw national attention to the plight of Veterans affected by Agent Orange used during Vietnam. They are called the “Quilt of Tears” for the many tears that have been shed by and for these victims.

Family members and friends of these victims are encouraged to submit quilt blocks in honor of their loved ones. The blocks are then sewn into quilts that are displayed at various reunions and functions around the country, making sure our heroes are not forgotten.

(Source: www.agentorangequiltoftears.com)

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