Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ex-VA leader decries explosion of service-connected aliments

As a Vietnam veteran, Principi said, "I will be able to file a claim for prostate cancer, heart disease or any of the other named diseases if I get sick at age 92 or 102. If any of those diseases contribute to my death, at any age, my widow will get the same compensation as the surviving spouse of a service member killed in Afghanistan. … You don’t have to be Einstein to predict the effect of this on backlogs and timeliness."

VA data help make his case. In 2005, VA paid $26.6 billion in disability compensation. This year it will pay out $60.2 billion.

Principi isn’t calling for current payments to be cut or stopped. He proposes more modest reforms to restore the trust of the American people in the VA disability compensation system.” He wants future disability awards aimed at VA’s core mission” and not dispersed to remedy every problem imaginable for every veteran.

He proposes a cutoff date, either of age or years since Vietnam service, for Agent-Orange-related disabilities.

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Anonymous said...

Well,I Think He IS Full OF Bull Sh. What Next?

Unknown said...

He must be on the dole of the American Enterprise Institute. Just like Dr. Sally Satel, the shill for changing the DSM to remove PTSD as an Anxiety Disorder, so as to make non-compensable. Sorry folks, we are on to your spins and closet social engineering. You cannot put a dollar amount on culpability. Had the VA told the truth in the late 1970's and 80's this would not be this way. It is called bad karma, not pay outs. See the old movie with the late John Ritter,called "Un-Natural Causes" True srory about how we had to crow bar the VA into submission. Us old combat vets do not forget, and probably will not forgive, unless asked!Mic/USMC "