Monday, September 24, 2012

Wasteful #Spending in the #VA by #SharonPerry

I applaud Congress for working to identify and slash wasteful spending within the VA.  Every dollar of taxpayer money should be spent wisely.  The greatest return should always go to our veterans and their families.

What I find shocking is that the VA was spending $4 million dollars in bonuses to Senior Executives alone.  What I find even more unsettling is after Congress took action and capped Senior Executive bonuses at $1 million they did not outright end SES bonuses all together.  

It's inconceivable that even $1 dollar could be legitimately spent on bonuses instead of services for our veterans and their families. Isn't it bad enough that exorbitant amounts of monies have been expended on training and conferences?  (Please see video below)

I used to harbor more anger about such issues.  I confess that caring for an ailing veteran for years on end and dealing with an obstinate organization such as the VA wears one down.  I remember having to fight the VA for a cane for my husband all the while Senior Executives have been receiving thousands of dollars in financial incentives (bonuses).

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