Sunday, September 9, 2012

#AgentOrange #Vietnam: #US #dioxin cleanup politically driven

On the one hand, the US receives a positive reaction from the world community, albeit somewhat guarded, for finally offering much needed assistance to Vietnam. And on the other hand, the US receives favorable diplomatic positioning within Vietnam for their long-awaited movement toward righting a wrong caused through the use of Agent Orange during the conflict.

Such positioning will eventually lead to a US military presence in Vietnam, and establish a counter to China's growing influence in the region.

It is not inconceivable that the US administration has, in fact, moved away, even slightly, from their decades-old mantra of "no proof," and is now cognizant and accepting of the potential dangers of dioxin contamination.

This position can facilitate cooperative efforts at contaminant reduction and allow significant reduction in the potential for human-dioxin contact, and the resulting negative health consequences. But I suspect seeing the US stance in this light is, perhaps, overly generous.

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