Saturday, August 11, 2012

Agent Orange Vietnam: Hatfield Assists with Construction Management and Oversight of Environmental Remediation at Da Nang Airport, Viet Nam

The Da Nang Airport is referred to as a dioxin “hot spot” due to the high levels of dioxin in the soils and sediments decades after large amounts of Agent Orange were stored and handled there during the Viet Nam War. The Environmental Remediation at Da Nang Airport Project is one of the highest priority activities of the United States Government in Viet Nam.

The dioxin remediation process at Da Nang Airport involves the excavation of contaminated soil and sediment from the project site, including the removal of contaminated sediment from Sen Lake and an associated wetland system located in close proximity to residential areas. The excavated material will be transported to an on-site pile structure for remediation through the thermal desorption process.

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