Sunday, July 29, 2012

Veterans Health Care: Viewpoints: Vets experience double betrayal from VA

Here's what the VA is doing: Over the past two years, low-wage employees who provide vital support services within the VA health care system, including patient support assistants, medical record clerks and transportation assistants, have been subjected to unfounded and arbitrary downgrades. The majority of the public servants in these positions are veterans, women and minorities.

What's needed, then, is for Congress to act immediately and impose a moratorium on all past, current and future downgrades until an open, above-board, rational process can be put in place for addressing the VA's budgeting needs.

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This is actually a double betrayal: First, to the veterans whose quality of care will suffer as a result, and second, to veterans working at the VA who have found their already low pay cut even further and their vital contributions disrespected.
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