Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Organization to Provide Agent Orange Vietnam: Assistance to Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange

The Agent Orange Action Group (AOAG) was founded by several notable activists from around the world to accomplish one goal – obtain and provide assistance to the Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange.

In addition, we seek justice for the victims from those who caused the tragedy, namely the United States Government and the US Chemical Companies headed by Monsanto and Dow Chemical.

“In Vietnam there are near to four million victims of Agent Orange, of all ages, many not able to be treated in a hospital or clinics. Many live at home, in small towns and communes throughout the country. These tragic victims and their parents need our help and the help of the companies who manufactured this poison as well as the government responsible for spraying it,” states Len Aldis, Chairman of AOAG and one of its founders.

To learn more and to find out how you can help, visit for more information.

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Mark Shapiro said...

You may find the following link worthwhile reading. Terrific information and videos following the article. The comments are a MUST read! Justice for the Victims of Agent Orange!