Friday, October 28, 2011

Lawsuits VAMC - War Widow Blames VA Neglect for Her Husband's Suicide

Neglect and unreasonable demands from the Veterans Administration caused another Iraq war veteran to kill himself, his widow claims in Federal Court. She says that despite a doctor's "clear diagnosis" of post-traumatic stress disorder, from roadside bombs, including one that killed 93 people, the VA refused to admit he suffered from PTSD, with excuses such as "the diagnosis 'does not specify which Diagnostic and Statistical Manual was used'"; and that he "'failed to provide dates of the incidents or names of any casualties.'"
Tracy Eiswert says her husband Scott suffered substandard care from the VA hospital in Mountain Home, Tenn., before he killed himself in 2008. He was 31. She survives, with their two young children.

After his death, the VA reversed its decision, finding that Scott had been entitled to service-connected benefits for PTSD. Two psychiatric experts who analyzed Scott's medical records concluded that the VA was negligent in diagnosing and treating Scott's PTSD and gave him substandard medical care, which contributed to his premature death, according to his widow's complaint.

Finally, in April this year, the Department of Veterans Affairs denied Tracy Eiswert's claim for compensation and gave her 6 months to file a claim in Federal Court.

Eiswert and her children seek damages for medical malpractice, wrongful death, negligent supervision, pain and suffering and loss of consortium.

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