Tuesday, September 20, 2011

VAMC - Dayton VA Clinic: New report out about dirty dentist at Dayton VA clinic

A 3,000 page study was released on Monday in the so-called dirty dentist case at the Dayton VA Center.

U.S. Congressman Mike Turner was in Dayton to release the findings of the study. It comes after several veterans who were patients at the VA Clinic, tested postive for Hepatitis-B.

A preliminary report came out in April and suggested that a former VA dentist had not properly cleaned his instruments between patients when he worked at the Dayton VA Center. The report called on VA officials to offer testing to all veterans who could have become sick because of the unsanitary practices.

Monday's report demands even further testing. It was authored by experts from the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association, the Kettering Health Network and experts provided by Congressman Mike Turner.

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