Friday, September 16, 2011

Other Toxic Substances - TAKE ACTION : Chlorpyrifos on food = lower IQs. It's time to act.

Evidence that chlorpyrifos can damage young minds has been clear for more than a decade — it's why home uses were banned back in 2001. Yet the pesticide is still used in agriculture, settling on apples, peaches and many other fruits and vegetables common in children's diets.

Recent studies show that dietary exposure can actually lower IQs by several points, and up to 25% of U.S. children may be affected. When the pesticide drifts into rural homes and schools, children in farm communities get a dangerous double dose.

Right now, public officials are reviewing the health risks of chlorpyrifos in response to a lawsuit PAN and our partners filed in 2007. Please add your name to the petition below urging EPA to protect children from chlorpyrifos today.


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