Friday, September 16, 2011

Other Toxic Substances: Depleted Uranium - In the Spotlight: Don't let depleted uranium become another Agent Orange

On Aug. 24, my son died. His name was Aaron Barnes. He was 26 with a wife and two young children. He died of a very rare and extremely aggressive cancer called Sacramatoid Renal Sarcoma.

During his time in Iraq, he was exposed daily to depleted uranium. This is believed to have caused his cancer.

Veterans of the current wars are coming home and getting sick with rare diseases at a much higher percentage than the general population.

If you know a veteran from the current wars or are one yourself, please be hypervigilant about your health. Mention to your doctor that you were exposed to depleted uranium. My son may have had a chance if his doctors knew what they were dealing with.

Please don't let DU be this generation's Agent Orange.

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