Wednesday, September 14, 2011

AO Legacy Members: Please start gathering your veteran parent(s) military and medical records

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To the member of our support community & other interested parties:

One of the things I've noticed, in working with the health info of our members, is that I see patterns, i.e. some members have illnesses related to the thyroid, some digestive, some musculoskeletal, etc.

The next set of questions we need to ask are, obviously, what about the veteran parent? What branch of service, where did they serve, what were their duties, were they living on any bases that are superfund sites. did they suffer from PTSD, etc.

What I am asking is if our members, that's you, could begin gathering this information about your veteran parent? If you don't have their records then send away for them both their military and medical records.

I will be preparing these questions for our new website.

The reason this is important is that this information will be stored and managed in a database. Having this information in a database will allow us to search all our members who have digestive illnesses along with the info about their veteran parent. As a result we will be able to compare that information to all the members who have thyroid illnesses to see if we can find out why we are seeing these patterns.

Currently we cannot do this on the site we are using because we are limited to only 10 questions. We will be able to ask unlimited questions on the other site. In having said that we are only interested in asking those questions that help us to understand why 85% of our members suffer from one (1) or more of the following: birth defects, autoimmune and rare diseases, mental health illnesses, cancers, learning disabilities such as autism, and ADHD.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at


Sharon Perry, Founder

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