Tuesday, August 16, 2011

VAMC Investigations: Los Angeles says VA 'dumped' patient at shelter

The graying veteran in a wheelchair was found in the parking lot of a Westside cold weather shelter wearing hospital pants, carrying a urine bottle and screaming for help.

Senior officials at the Los Angeles city attorney's office say they believe James Boykin was "dumped" Dec. 1 at the shelter after his toe was removed at the nearby Department of Veterans Affairs medical center because of a bone infection. Moreover, according to city prosecutors, VA officials blocked an investigation that could have shed light on whether there were other similar incidents.

For Boykin, there is no doubt. "They … kicked me out," he told The Times. "I'm telling them, 'Hey, man, what's wrong with y'all? What are you going to discharge me for? Where am I going? They just pushed me out."

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