Monday, August 22, 2011

Effects of Agent Orange

For decades I have been attempting to link the plight of the American veteran with that of the Vietnamese victim. Until most recently this has been most unpopular. I have been fired from jobs, harassed, accused of being a “Communist,” anti-American, and anti-Christian.
Because my numerous articles in support of the Vietnamese victims enraged corporate America, in fear they may have to give up a dollar to help victims they created, some years ago our house was firebombed.
No one was hurt, but it was a total loss.

These are some of the obstacles we face. The challenge before us is difficult and challenging but I am confident we will prevail because we are right and no matter what anyone says we are indeed morally correct. As President John Kennedy​ said in the 1960s, regarding the inhumane treatment of the people of Berlin, “We are all Berliners.” Today, the world should say, “We are all Vietnamese.”
There is no doubt in my mind that if Jesus Himself were in our presence, He would say: “I love Vietnam.”

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