Friday, August 12, 2011

Agent Orange (Korea): U.S. Veterans Asked To Help Korean Government Investigation

Image compliments Rich Preston, Vietnam veteran exposed to agent orange

Uncovering the reality of Monsanto and Agent Orange in South Korea.
The Chairman of the Korean National Sub-Committee asked Steward to help in obtaining statements from Korean veterans about their probably exposure to Agent Orange and other herbicides. Statements can be emailed to Steward’s attention at

Korean veterans who know or suspect probable use or exposure to Agent Orange and other herbicides should include in their emails their expressed written approval to provide information to the Korean government. together with name, unit you served with, dates of Korean service, Camp, and full current mailing and e-mail addresses and your phone number to share with the Korean Sub-Committee.

As many know, I was invited to travel to Korea by the Korean National Assembly to testify before a Sub-Committee investigating numerous issues regarding use and disposal of Toxic Herbicides, including Agent Orange, in Korea in the 1960s and 1970s. The purpose of my trip was to try to get the U. S. Departments of Defense, Army and Veterans Affairs to reveal the full and transparent truth about the use of herbicides in Korea. My intent was to tell the Korean Government what we know about the use of herbicides and to join with them to demand the U. S. Government tell the complete truth to both the Korean people and the thousands of American Veterans who were poisoned by these toxic chemicals.

Please review the text of my testimony below. And please keep in mind that if we can help the Korean people get the information and truth they are seeking, we will also be getting the truth we need for the hundreds of VA Claims waiting to justice for Korean Service Vets and their families.

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