Saturday, July 16, 2011

You Can Hear the Drums and Feel the Heat as Agent Orange Rises to the Surface

Each and every day in veteran blogs, multiple on-line news outlets, and mainstream newspapers, there is coverage of some new discovery of Agent Orange being improperly disposed of. And, reports of discovering new contaminations or cover-ups.

New documents being released inform us of current findings of contamination within the remaining C-123’s fleet that was used during the Vietnam War for Agent Orange spray operations. As of 2010, the Air Force declared ALL of the remaining C-123 planes were contaminated with dioxin. They ordered them destroyed into little pieces and smelted to get rid of the remaining carcinogens.
Their fight never ends. They are fighting for their rightful benefits. Many will die without a resolution to their claims. These are honorable men who gave to their country. They are NOT asking for more than their country promised them.

Isn’t it time we fulfilled our promises?

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