Friday, July 22, 2011

Urge your Senator to vote NO - NO on Senator Coburn's Amendment

Please take a look at some of the correspondence received regarding this matter:

The proposed amendment which was tabled could possibly change how AO claims will be awarded

This amendment, that has been offered to the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Bill, changes the Agent Orange Act to require a “causal relationship” rather than “positive association” of certain illness to Agent Orange exposure in order to receive benefits.

This will mean that certain diseases would no longer be covered if you can’t prove that your illness was directly caused by Agent Orange and could not have been caused by another source. This would effectively undermine the expansion that the VA did for diabetes, certain cancers and ischemic heart disease.

This vote hasn’t been scheduled yet, but is expected to come up soon as Coburn has said he is insisting on a vote. Please share this post!!

**See Vietnam Veterans of America Press Release for more information about Senator Coburn's amendment.

**Motion to Table Coburn Amdt. No. 564

Time for everyone to contact your US Senator, urging a "NO" vote on this damaging and totally unnecessary amendment that is intended to not only reverse the recent additions of diabetes, ischemic heart disease and certain cancers; but, also to undermine and/or "gut" P. L. 102 -4, which too many of us fought a ten plus year battle getting enacted by Congress and signed by Bush the First in February 1991.

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